All About Our Canvases

The Needlepoint canvases that we feature in our range are printed by needlepoint printing specialists that produce a technically superior print. GRAFITEC™ follows the processes of traditional Serigraphy printing methods which provide the absolute best print available anywhere.


What is “Serigraphy”? 

Serigraphy is a means of precision screen printing. In the case of GRAFITEC™, designs are screen printed on high quality needlepoint canvas by building colors layer by layer. Each color is meticulously matched to the DMC Art 117 shade pallet. The end result is a beautifully vibrant print that is easy for the stitcher to follow. If you plan to spend considerable time stitching your needlepoint canvas, it is highly recommended that you choose a serigraphy printed canvas for the most enjoyable, trouble free experience.


Our printed shades are:

Permanent | Matched meticulously to thread shades | Vibrant


What theme are you in the mood for? 

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